Kodran Noir

A Hunter of Hunters
Hunt Master for Clan Centurio


Kodran also offers bounties, simply ask him and he'll happily enlighten you.

Have a bounty that needs hunting? Kodran is willing to assist simply for the glory of it.

Kodrans accent is exotic, not native to Eorzea. Perhaps some inquire to it may reveal an answer.

Asking about the hunt is enough to loosen Kodrans tongue, at times.

A man whom claims to be of eastern descent that is 30 years of age Kodran arrived in Eorzea almost as if he simply, popped in. No place of birth besides what he has told others, his only work record to speak of is his service to Clan Centurio bas a hunter and eventually Hunt Master, like most Hunt Masters and Bill Masters of the Clan, Kodran often offers hunts to those whom are willing with promises of gio rewards, however unlike other Hunt Masters Kodran only deals in Gil, seals have no use to him and believing they are a waste at times.

The mans face is well hidden with the metal helmet of his that he seemingly wears everywhere.

A joyous individual with any talk concerning the hunt Kodran will do anything for a challenging hunt and ever-increasingly dangerous prey.

Perhaps there is more one could find if they attempted to dig deeper into this odd man.


Race: Midlander

Common Aliases: Kodran Noir | Hunt Master | Hunter | Lantern Man | Lighthouse | Tin Can | √Āstvinur

Age: 30

Sex: Male

Hair color: unknown

Eye Color: Unknown

Sexuality: Unknown

Relationship Status: Curious are we?

Nameday: Unknown

Homeland: Unknown

Deity: Kami

Scars or other marks: Unknown

Skills: Long sword use, tracking, scouting, heavy armor wear, mobility, and the occasional axe when it is called for.

Likes: Sleeping, getting paid, meeting new people, reading, and carpentry, hunting, mark hunting, and bounty hunting.

Dislikes: People prying into his past, Garlemald, poachers and cowards.

Personality: On the outside he is a charitable and kind soul, with a sarcastic tongue to boot, willing to give up his time to speak with others on subjects such as the hunt and not much else, for the hunt is what guides Kodran and dictates his every action, almost an addiction for him, he wishes to hunt until the itself consumes him in the end. Often any talk of his past or his family is shut down almost instantly with an offer for a hunt or a mark that needs fulfillment, easily pushing most away.

However, those who have been able to pull away at his mask find he is filled with resentment for the loss of those he once held dear and was embittered with the choices he made that put him down this path. This led him to have a strong sense of despair he is unable to shake, feeling as if he had failed not only himself, but anyone else who attempts to get close with him.

Despite all that, those who are close enough to him to know the real Kodran find he is willing to give up everything for them and so much more.

Marks for hunting

Here the description of certain bounties will be displayed, bring Kodran these items and you will be rewarded the Gil to their name, all approved by Clan Centurio for hunting. Simply return to me with proof of their defeat and you shall be rewarded for your efforts.

Special Mark

Special marks are limited time offering's from Kodran, for rare items, bring him proof of the marks defeat and he'll reward you handsomely for your work, however all items must be delivered together and must be in pristine condition (HQ) if possible

Bounty Targets

The Clan has declared it so, so it shall happen, the hunt of high ranking Imperial Garlean targets has been approved, hunt these men and women in the ruins of Bozja and soon, peace shall be brought, if even it is but a bloody and slow path, the Clan believes it shall bring a more rewarding peace.

Unlike the normal beasts that I would normally send you on, this is no mere beast, but man, the most dangerous hunt of all, you must use all your wits to track, locate and destroy these monsters

Bring me proof of their deaths and you shall rewarded along with thanked for your service to the Clan and the Grand companies that have requested their death.

Cato Lux Servius

Reward for death or capture: 30000 Gil

"A Quaesitor Scientiae or "Seeker of Knowledge" Cato Quo Servius seeks to understand as much suffering as possible.

From inflicting pain experiments on the different races of the Eorzea to see how much pain one could inflict before they perish from the pain alone, to throwing various races into a pit with savage beasts with just their bare hands to defend themselves, he found Viera performed best, to submerging helpless victims into vats of unknown liquids to see their effects on their bodies and more vile deeds that would make most sick to their stomachs, these should be more then enough to call for his death.

These experiments bear fruits in enhancing soldiers to make them feel little to no pain, something Cato, take great pleasure in watching as his own creations are either tearing alliance soldiers to shreds or being destroyed themselves.

His death is warranted by the Twin Addlers for the possible scientific feats he has provided along with his obviously inhumane experimentation."

"Physically weak, mentally pathetic, and simply unable to do what must be done to bring about the future, even when it is laid in front of your very nose. Your people and yourself shall go the way of Allag, Nym and Mhach. And be remembered as nothing more than a dying whisper of a bygone primitive and savage age." -Cato Lux Servius


Reward for death: 100000 Gil, provide ears for proof.

A Viera whom weaves elaborate magics Yilme has gained the attention of the resistance and the Clan for her loyalty to Garlemald, odd considering her race, which many consider a traitorous act.

Serving as part of the Lagomorpha Domitae auxiliary force she is but another pawn for the Garleans with a special skill and that being specializing in the slaughter of Viera, a skill many Garleans lack due to the natural abilities many Viera possess, so whom better to hunt them, then one of their own. She seems to have been brought originally as but an advisor but her skills in combating her own kin on the frontlines have proven to be, startling effective.

She normally operates with another, a Viera named Halvel, her capture is to be rewarded in an additional 100000 gil, but she must be brought alive no reward can be given for a corpse.

Her death would greatly increase moral among the ranks of the Viera in the resistance, along with removing a terrifying huntress from the battle.

Her skill, her traitorous actions, and her loyalties make her a prime target for the hunt, she is to be shown no mercy.

"It is simple enough: If my systirs will not come to heel then I will crush them beneath it."- Yilme